Viva® Brand and Monica Potter along with volunteers Team Up with Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Ventura to Unleash Clean for Families in Need.

​On Wednesday, April 6, Viva® Brand teamed up with Hollywood actress and home/ DIY expert, Monica Potter, to host a dramatic clean-up benefitting Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Ventura. The event, held at Avenue Thrift & Vintage Store in Ventura, CA, demonstrated how Viva® Towels can transform used, forgotten items with just a thorough cleaning. Donated household items ranging from kitchen appliances to outdoor patio furniture were expertly cleaned with the unique textures of Viva® Towels and then donated to 22 deserving families across the Ventura community. The effort jumpstarts a national push to “Unleash Clean” across the country. 

Potter served as the Captain of the Viva® Clean Squad, motivating over 40 volunteers among them 5 members from
Clean Life Home Care based in Ventura CA to “Unleash Clean” by scrubbing, polishing and shining up donated items from the kitchen, bathroom, living room and patio, showcasing the strength and durability of the towels. Viva® Towels partnered with the City of Ventura to use natural household and eco-friendly cleaners so the towels could be composted afterwards.

Clean Life Home Care uses Eco-Friendly products to service over 60 satisfied clients in Ventura County said Norma Acosta, Marketing Director for Clean Life Home Care