​Maria Delgado

Cleopatra Pamatz

Cleopatra team up with Alondra to make sure your house is left spotless.  she is been with us a few months but has proven to enjoy what she does. Cleo answers  clients questions or concerns with the best of her knowledge.  Her kindness and willingness to do a good have has earn her to be liked by all the clients.

House Cleaning Service

Kevin Aguayo

Kevin, 27, is a war veteran who is implementing the discipline learned in the military to give your home the attention and care it needs as well as taking care of your 4 legged family members with petsitting when needed.

​Marcel Maldonado

Kassandra Zarate

Kassandra, 23, is using the experience she acquired in the car insurance business to give you the customer service that will make you feel comfortable to hire us.

Norma Acosta

We are a family owned business. Established in 1994 by Norma Acosta, she started by residential house cleaning doing one house daily. In 2001, her desire for doing more encouraged her to advertise for more homes and hire a few people.

Among those the she decided to hire are her two kids, Kevin and Kassandra.  She is also building Clean Life Home Car. This House Cleaning Company currently counts with 2 crews of 2 employees working out on the field making home spotless.

This House Cleaning Service provides you with comfort, trust and a freshly cleaner home allowing you to spend time doing the really important things in life such as taking the kids to their activities, spending time with your significant other and just hang out at you clean home.

In addition to that we offer super competitive house cleaning rates. Fell free to contact us for a FREE Estimate.

Alondra Angel

Alondra Leads one of the groups.  She came to Clean Life but was train to do the cleaning the way is expected.  Taking pride of her work.  Alondra makes every effort to be pleasant to the client, the family and the pets as well as to make sure she delivers a cleaning to make every client satisfied.